Of Monsters and Men – KING AND LIONHEART | awesome art, that music video

Posted: February 9, 2013 in entertainment, song
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Of Monsters and Men – pic source myspace

I LOVE IT – Is this band’s music video always so artsy? Oh, Of Monsters And Men… Thanks for the treat, guys. Really love the video. A feast to my eyes, indeed. >_<

“King And Lionheart” – this video.. love the art!

Jadi ceritanya, di pidio ini, dua tokoh utamanya hidup di dunia yang bleak and gloomy gitu. Trus, cuma tinggal mereka berdua yang masih ‘berwarna’.

king n lionheart - grudge cityscreenshot from the video

Kayakna ‘berwarna’ itu untuk represents their soul. The video’s basically their struggle to keep their ‘color’ from getting sucked in by the monstrous world [ciee bahasanya baangg].

king n lionheart - bridgeanother screenshot from the video – hmm makes me wanna play adventure games

Expect a cliff-hanger ending, though~ ufufufu.

Btw. Just been browsing the youtube comments on the video. And I saw this [behold, le blurry screenshot]:



the background for the story in the music video?

Is this true? If it is, makes sense. Ah, what a sad story..

LITTLE TALKS – Hmm, maybe “King And Lionheart” is in sync with their other video, “Little Talks“? Similar environment. And similar artsy-ness! Love ’em both. 😀

“Little Talks” – HEY!! 

BAND MEMBER – Found their close up pic! They’re all on video “Little Talks“, but unseen on “King And Liondheart”.

the talented peoplez Of  Monsters and Men – pic source myspace

I’ll be waiting for their next video. Curious to know the continuation of the story. Hey, they should compile the videos and sell the DVD! *o*



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